Top 5 Rube Goldberg and Domino effect videos

I’ve always been fascinated by the Rube Goldberg machines I’ve seen on television, and spent many hours as a child arranging various playthings around my bedroom in an attempt to have one thing interact with another, a ball hitting a piece of lego connected to a string attached to a plastic paratrooper. I rarely got a 5 step process working but it amused me for hours and was always more interesting than plain dominoes were, though the latter were another favourite pasttime.

Here are 5 videos showing Rube Goldberg-esque and domino effects creations.

5. Cola & Mentos

mento effect Grab yourself 251 two litre bottles of coke and 1506 mentos and you too can have your own geyser domino effect like the guys at

The Geyser Tube is available for sale at

geyser tube

4. Domino Billiards

This is quite a straightforward one as the balls are pretty much guaranteed to be pocketed, but it’s still good to watch such a creation on a surface that is rarely used for anything other than billiards.

3. Nintendo Animation

I’ve seen a few of the Rube Goldberg Machines that have been rendered on computers, and am often underwhelmed by the ideas and physics behind them.

The physics in the following video aren’t much better than the usual, but I love the idea behind it. There’s a couple of great games linked in there, and a genuinely amusing ending. Enjoy.

2. Guinness ‘Domino Village’ advertisement

Dominoes on a large scale in the latest Guinness advertisement that turns all manner of items, from books, beds and cars, into a chain effect climaxing in a lovely glass of the black stuff.

1. Honda Accord advertisement

I first saw this advert many years ago, and I still enjoy watching it. I’ve heard various rumours about this and the time it took to make, the amount of shots it took to finally capture it and even whether or not this is one continuous scene or if there are two videos fused together.

Regardless of what the answers to these questions may be, there’s no denying that this is a fantastic video and one of the best adverts in the past decade.


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