Top 5 movies featuring Rabbits

Everyone likes rabbits, unless they suffer from something like lagomorphobia (such as the lovely Anya). However, rabbits don’t have a huge starring role on the screen in the past. We’ve had a few, of course (hence this list), but they just haven’t quite made it in the way dogs, cats, mice or other household pets have. This, I feel, is a real pity. The list below shows my top 5 movies that feature rabbits – and note by ‘feature’ I meant that they play an actual role in the film that is integral to the storyline.

Before we begin, I must mention that there are of course other films that feature rabbits rather than just those below, but which are not on this list. Space Jam, for example, features Bugs Bunny who is one of the first televisual rabbits that would spring to anyone’s mind – but the film itself was rubbish. Fatal Attraction of course has a very significant scene with a rabbit, and allowed all men to categorise their ex-lovers as crazy, psycho bunny boilers – though this is indeed an integral part of the film, one of the best remembered and also one of the most shocking – but the actual rabbit itself didn’t play a big enough part in the film for me to include it. Perhaps one of the other most famous rabbit films that I also missed out was Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I saw this as a child and liked it, but a few repeat watched as I have grown older just didn’t see me having any interest in it any more. If it were on TV, and one of the other films in the list was on at the same time, I would certainly not bother watching it. So on with the list… 5 Bambi (1942) Disney’s classic animation features one of the most memorable rabbits on the screen in Thumper, the lovable character who teaches the eponymous hero his first words. Thumper gets his name from the fact he always thumps his right hind leg on the ground. Though he isn’t a prominent character throughout the whole film, he does make several appearances, and certainly makes more of an impression than Flower, the skunk.

Bambi is the first Disney film I can really remember watching, and though it my be overshadowed in today’s world of CGI animations it is still one of the best out there, offering up more emotional impact and feelings for the characters than any of the other animated films out today. Put Bambi up against Nemo and I’m sure most kids would like the latter more, but fear for the deer over the fish when it comes to the crunch. 4 Watership Down (1978) In a list featuring movies with rabbits in them, how could I miss out this one? Though this is an animation, and has Universal rating, it’s far from cute and fluffy look at the world of rabbits. Instead, it follows the adventures of a group of rabbits leaving their warren after one of them has a vision that they will be destroyed. This film as mild swearing and, at times, harrowing scenes of violence which are very much out of place in what we associate with a children’s film.

Watership Down - violent
Though Hazel and Fiver are the two key rabbits in this film, I was always more of a fan of Blackberry who was the one rabbit in the group who was a lateral thinker and problem solver. When faced with a garden fence, most of the team would sit there and think they either can’t get past or they can fight their way through – whereas Blackberry would go right ahead and just open the gate.

Watership Down
The only problem I have with this film is that I can’t watch it very often. I don’t know why, but the introduction – though important – does bore me a little, and Bright Eyes just annoys me after a while. 3 Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)

Were Rabbit
I’ve always liked Wallace and Gromit, and the other Aardman animations in general, and this film was no exception. As a standalone movie it was good, and as an animation it checked all of the usual boxes which include a reasonable storyline, jokes that should go over the heads of most pre-teens, and several allusions to other top films, including the aforementioned Bambi and Watership Down, along with the film in the number 1 spot below. As for rabbits – this film is full of them. Big ones, small ones and – as the title of the film suggests – ones that are slightly more anthropomorphized than usual.

This film is also very good if you like cheese. 2 Donnie Darko (2001) There is a rabbit in this film, his name is Frank, he’s slightly demonic and he may also not be real. See, he comes to Donnie Darko in his dreams and tells him about the end of the world and other such things the demonic rabbits would often talk of.

The premise of this my sound a little stupid, but this really is an excellent film that takes a look at the supernatural, time travel and an individual who appears to be on the brink of insanity. Don’t watch this film just for the rabbit though, as though the character of Frank is essential for the story, it could have just been in a guy in a giraffe costume and it would have had the same effect. 1 Harvey (1950) As with Donnie Darko, this film features a slightly deluded individual who sees and hears a 6ft rabbit. The only difference in Harvey is that we don’t actually see the rabbit at all (the special effects in the 50s obviously didn’t allow someone to dress up in a bunny outfit). I agree it’s a bit odd to have a top 5 list of movies featuring rabbits, and have a film at the number one spot where a rabbit isn’t actually seen in the film. You may be disappointed. Believe me when I say that the rabbit, whether real or not, is very important to the story and to understanding the main character and, eventually, those who support him. There’s no doubt in my mind that without this film you wouldn’t have Donnie Darko, and look – there is a rabbit on the DVD cover.

Final point. I decided to write this post after seeing the latest Sony Bravia advertisement, shown below for your amusement.

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  1. jenny alexis

    i have a storybook about bambi.i saw thumper there he is so so cute.that is why i bought a rabbit and named it thumper.but it died.but i still have a stuffed toy that is thumper.

  2. JC

    I think Who Framed Roger Rabbit should be up t here or any of the loony toon ones with Bugs Bunny

  3. sirlistalot

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit was certainly a ground breaking film for it’s time…but not one that I feel has lasted well. Space Jam certainly leaned heavily on WFRR, but didn’t have the originality. Though both Roger and Bugs are great characters, they do not do enough to make these films as enjoyable as the other ones on my list…and so I had to miss them out. If the list was slighly longer, I’m sure Roger would appear in it.


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  5. andrew

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Grew up with that movie and really no kid is going to understand any of the inuendo.
    Watership Down… why can’t animated movies be more like this. I mean even adaptaitons of novels like Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia are toned down (and I’m not talking about sex and violence either)!

  6. Rob

    Someone took me to a theater to see Watership Down when I was seven or eight (born 1971) and remember nothing of the film but had an unwarranted fear of rabbits for some time. I thought they were mean and violent (like city rats)(Detroit). You mentioning violence in the film makes me want to see it now and figure out what caused this fear.

  7. sirlistalot

    Izabela, that image is available for about $1 from

    Thanks for asking.


  8. Melodie

    Thumper, would be my utmost favourite.
    Bambi, is the best – I think.
    I agree though, rabbits aren’t in movies nearly enough,
    I have a rabbit, hes actually right beside me right now, His name is Casper, he is almost 1 year old & he is a dwarf, hes white,
    But I was shocked because hes turning grey & brown..
    Anyways, I have actually only seen two of these movies, none of them seem interesting…

    BAMBI RULES! Wooo!

  9. Thyemis

    To the person who wrote this: don’t you LIKE watership down???????????????????

  10. sirlistalot

    Thyemis – I do like Watership Down, enough so to put it on this list ahead of some others, but it is slow in parts, and not a film that I enjoy enough to rave about. Given the chance between that and something like Wallace and Gromit, I would have to watch the latter.

    Sir Listalot

  11. Austin

    I’m glad Harvey was included. It’s an awesome movie. I was slightly worried it wouldn’t be as I scrolled down the list. Haha.

  12. Dark Rabbit

    Watership down is by far the best movie about rabbits. Heres my list of reasons:

    1) the rabbits didn’t do things they couldn’t normally do like use thier paws as if they had thumbs like lesser animated rabbits like Roger Rabbit and Bugs Bunny. Animal characters are more interesting when they act real in animation, the smaller the animal the more challenges they have, so the stories about rabbits are actually more interesting than stories about monkeys who can do more.

    2) the movie was realistic for something animated and it showed the true nature of the rabbit. I hate it when rabbits are depicted as weak little do nothings like the bland rabbits in ‘Open Season’.

    3) Richard Adams wrote that story after telling the same story on car trips then he polished it up after reading ‘The Private life of the Rabbit’. It was a story from the heart and family tradition so it deserves an honerable mention.

    I love rabbits too, they rock

  13. Blackavar

    I love bunnies……Mythological ones too…
    Like, Jackalope a rabbit with antlers that live in tumbleweeds, Wolpertinger the german jackalope its got antlers wings and vampire fangs and has a squirell tail, Al Miraj the yellow rabbit with a black horn like a unicorn, the moon rabbits, and of course from African folk-Lore Brer Rabbit…Ele-Hrarah from Watership is based on Brer Rabbit, so is Bugs Bunny….
    Watership Down rocks!
    Have you seen Fritz the Cat, there is a cool bunny in it named Blue, but hes kinda mean…

  14. sirlistalot

    Dark Rabbit – thanks for your comments and giving your reasons for liking Watership Down; also, very interesting fact there about Richard Adams that I didn’t know previously. If this had been the top 5 books featuring rabbits, Watership Down would certainly have been at number 1.

    Blackavar – I know nothing of mythological rabbits so thank you for sharing this information with us.

  15. Loki the E bunny

    I love bunnies, i identify my spirit animal as a bunny and my fursona as a furry. I also agree that people need to stop making bunnies out to be the lesser more WEAK creatures cause its far from true. The rabbit in many native cultures stands for Love,Loyalty,honor,trust, and more importantly heart.

    -btw you should look up the “flemish rabbit..its amazing

  16. Harmony

    The first rabbits I thought of from films when I saw the title were the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, The Velveteen Rabbit, and as a lot of people have mentioned…Roger Rabbit. I’m surprised none of them made the list…I guess we all have our own personal top 5.,

  17. sarah

    ok someone plz tell me what the movie is where thers this dog and he’s always chasing after the rabbits and they’re like puppets and the dog is orange

  18. rafe the ratmaster

    I prefer ratties, but I loved Night of the Lepus. It was intended to be a serious horror film but the cuteness of the rabbits help make it one of the funniest film I have ever seen. Also there was a chase road movie ( White line Fever?) where hundereds of white rabbits poured out of a crashed cars trunk.

  19. bre


  20. Neil H

    For real-life bunnies , why not try

    Local Hero – rabbits with two names
    Mona Lisa – a rabbit gift from Bob Hoskins to Michael Caine
    Knowing – the kids go off to populate a new planet with their bunnies

    and not to mention Fatal Attraction, for bunny cuisine

  21. Ray-Ray

    I typed “Movies about Rabbits” into Google because I was trying to remember the name “Watership Down.” That movie made me cry my eyes out and it disturbed me highly. Anyway AWWWWWWW Look at Thumper. He is cute as a button. I am going to watch Bambi right now. it was my favorite movie as a child

  22. mick

    I remember watching Watership Downs as a kid with my mates and we all loved it. I have looked for the movie a couple of times to buy and could never find it, now that i have found it i would love to buy and watch the movie and enjoy it as i did as a kid.

  23. Elto Desukane

    There’s a live action movie where some humanoid on Earth is actually an animal from space, (rabbit? pig? dog? I don’t remember)
    Which movie was that?

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