When submitting your list – follow these guidelines:


1. Take a moment around the site and see what else has been submitted. Duplicates are allowed, but originality is better.
2. Spellcheck and proof read your entries to ensure they are all correct.
3. Write a bit about each of the items on your list – we need to know why they’re on there.
4. Use images and videos in your lists. Images can only be uploaded by King Authors – so you may need to link offsite; videos can be used by taking the embed code from YouTube.
5. Feel free to use the our countdown images in your lists.

Do Not

1. Copy your lists from elsewhere…all lists should be your own.
2. Use images or videos without the permission of the rightful owner.
3. Simply list the things in your list. We would like entries that have actual content – there are plenty of sites out there for submitting just a list of things without any depth.