About Us

SirListalot.com was created so that I had somewhere to write random lists of things I like. I didn’t want it to be the usual ’10 things to do with a duvet’ or ’10 reasons a cat is like a hamburger’ lists, but a proper countdown of things that I like, or look forward to.

A countdown list can be about pretty much anything, be it your favourite books, cartoon characters or weather presenters; or indeed your least favourite flavour cat food.

I don’t know how often I will have the chance to write a list, as a good one can often take a little time to create. This is why I would like for other people to contribute. If you disagree with my top 5 magazines about hedgehogs – you can write your own list.

There are adverts around the site, and two adverts will appear on any lists that are posted. It’s not intended that the adverts would create a great deal of revenue, and any that are done will cover costs of running the site initially, and adding further improvements.

General site images are purchased from iStockPhoto.com