3 Methods to Earn Money Online for Free

So, you want to make a little bit of cash online for free? Well, you can and you can’t, it depends what you mean by ‘free’.

It is possible for you to make money online without having to invest any money; however it is not possible to make money online without investing something that is equally as valuable…and that’s TIME.

You see, regardless of the method used to make money online – there isn’t simply a place where you can go and click a button and get paid a nice handsome amount, though I agree that it would be nice if this were the case…not to mention I would be rich. Alas, you do need to work for it.

How much you need to work depends on how much you want to make. In a lovely Catch 22 situation, how much you make depends on how much you are willing to work for it.

Personally I’m not very willing to put a lot of effort into making money online. This is simply due to the fact I work a full time job and have several interests which stop me from being able to devote my time to online projects, let alone going the extra mile to make a few extra bucks.

However, I do have a few things that I do online that provide me with a small additional income, mostly enough to pay for my domain names and webhosting, the images I use on my websites (which I usually purchase from a stock photography site) and then maybe buy myself a little treat such as a DVD or PS3 game.

So, if you’re looking for a way to make a few extra dollars online without having to make it into a full time job, try the methods below. They are not to be used as a ‘quick hit’ of finances, so don’t rely on them to pay your rent each month. They are nice to just do when you have some spare time and then you can buy a few treats for yourself every couple of months.

METHOD ONE – Google Adsense
This method likely has the biggest returns, but only if you are willing to dedicate the time to doing so. The idea behind this one is simply to create yourself a website, usually in the form of a blog, and offer your expertise in a particular area.

People on the internet look for anythig, so the website can be about how to perm a poodle, the best way to care for bonsai trees, or even how to excel at worm charming. Whatever your hidden passion happens to be, if you write about it people will read it, and if you continously expand and improve upon your content you will find many people visiting your site for one reason or another.

What you are looking for with adsense is to try and get natural traffic to your site. You are writing the content to please those people who visit your site becuase they like to read about the subject you also love, but the revenue is going to come from those that hit the site later on, perhaps months or years after you first write the articles, and who are redirected to your site by search engines that they have been using to find things. If they enter your site looking for particular keywords they are likely to click on the adverts that are shown attempting to get to their final destination.

The adverts shown on your site using Google Adsense are tailored to the content of that particular page which makes the adverts more relevant and appealing to your visitors that are there via natural traffic.

Take a look at the adverts spread around this page. Are they about making money online? You bet they are! That’s because Google, or the provider of your adverts, are now clever enough to make the advert content fit in with your site content.

There are plenty of posts online about getting yourself set up for this, but to start with if you want to do it for free you are best off with the following:

1) Create a new blogspot.com account
2) Create an adsense account and place the adsense on your blogger page.
3) Start writing content.

You may make a few pence per day; you may make a few bucks – it all depends on your content. I hadn’t updated this blog for 15 months, yet it made just over £6 last month. Imagine if I had been writing to it every month, or even better every week, giving it more up to date content – that £6 could easily have been £60.


METHOD TWO – Surveys
Here’s a fantastic way to make a bit of cash. No expert knowledge is required, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time writing like you would do if you were submitting an essay. Plus, everyone loves filling in surveys…right?

With this method you need to sign up to a few different paid survey sites and then every so often when you have time you can start filling in online surveys.

Some sites give you points that you can then redeem for vouchers (but don’t worry, the vouchers often include places like Amazon where you are likely to want to spend them), others give you cash either stright to your bank account or via paypal.

Surveys tend to last between 5 minutes and 30 minutes so you can do them at your leisure, and I only tend to do surveys that are 50p or above, averaging at about £1.25 per survey.

Here’s a quick look at one of my accounts from earlier this year:

The above is from www.vizupanel.com which I prefer from all of the others I’ve tried as they give decent rewards and straight into Paypal.

You will often find the surveys quite boring, and a few repetative – but if you can get past that and still take the time to sit down and give honest and thoughtful answers then surveys are a good way to go; plus you will sometimes get a survey that’s right up your niche and you really enjoy completing.

Depending on which paid survey sites you join, and how many of them, you may get a lot of emails on a daily basis. You may therefore wish to use a secondary email address when signing up to the sites so that you can check on emails as and when you’re going to sit down and do them; this will allow you to be selective about the surveys you spend time on and prevent the emails from filling up your regular email inbox.

METHOD THREE – Submit reviews
There are a couple of site out there that pay you to write reviews of products. To be honest, I don’t spend any time on these and you can go ahead and search in Google to find some that suit you.
However, what I do try to do is submit video reviews, or just photographs, to sites that allow you to get something back in return.

My favourite for this, and a great example, is firebox.com as this is where I like to spend a lot of my extra income.

So, how does it work? Quite easily actually.

Say I make £20 one month doing surveys and such online and this is sent to my Paypal account; I can then spend that money on a new gadget that firebox.com have for sale. This pleases me a great deal as I do like gadgets and so find it a good use of my cash. So, I spend the £20 on a particular new toy that they have just put on sale, and I scout around online for a £5 off at firebox.com voucher so that I can get free delivery.

The particular gadget I buy depends what I am in the mood for, but I will generally go for one that does not yet have any photo or video reviews from existing customers.

As soon as I get the product I then take a photo of myself using it, or record a video of it in use and submit these to the product page on firebox.com. They give the first person who submits a photo/video for a product a free £10 voucher to spend on more stuff.


If you combine this £10 with your month earnings from surveys and adsense you can buy lots more new cool things, and again get more vouchers from them for submitting the photo/video before other users. These vouchers last a year so you have plenty of time to spend them.

So there you have it; a few ways for you to make a little extra cash online. These are not ‘get rich quick’ schemes – you really do have to put the effort in if you want decent returns. If you already have an income, and a bit of free time, then why not try some of the above and see if you can make a few extra bucks to spend on something you wouldn’t normally buy?

Good luck!

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